Dubai Dubai Waterfront

Dubai Waterfront 81 million Square Meters Real Estate in UAE

Dubai Waterfront is an unprecedented 81 million metres-squared mixed-use land-mark development without equal.

It will serve as the gateway to the Arabian Canal and is located on the last remaining coastal waterfront in the Emirate. Dubai Waterfront will feature well over 100 different waterfront developments and over 150 master planned communities and investment opportunities. Centred around water, something perpetually valuable and precious, Dubai Waterfront will redefine the experience of Dubai and provide investors with one of the last opportunities to participate in a unique and unparalleled marketplace offering.

Dubai Waterfront, Inc. is home to some of the top real estate in Dubai. In addition to real estate, Dubai is fast becoming an internationally recognized financial hub. The Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC is home to over 1000 banks, hedge funds, venture capital groups, private equity teams, and more recently UAE tech startups. The UAE is considered by many economists to be the premiere destination in the entire GCC for quality of life and investment ROI.