Abu Dhabi Startups

Abu Dhabi Startups

The UAE is home to one of the World’s top performing economies. This oil rich country comprised of 7 emirates is famous for its friendly people, diverse culture, thriving expat community of more than 100+ nationalities, and some of the most valuable investment properties on the planet.

In recent years much of the GCC countries, and especially The United Arab Emirates, are investing vast sums of capital into technology and more specifically tech startups. Many investment specialists, Venture Capitalists, and startup entrepreneurs believe that “Data is the New Oil” and are backing that idea up with billions of dollars of VC and angel investor money.

The Emirates are known for creating special economic zones and government programs to foster growth and accomplish their overall country goals. In Dubai, the DIFC or Dubai International Financial Center was created to accelerate the growth of Dubais finance sector. Much of this emirates startup activity is centered in here.

Building on the lessons learned in Dubai, the neighboring emirate of Abu Dhabi recently launched the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). This emerging financial centre is fast becoming the most active startup community in the entire UAE. Abu Dhabi city is both the capital of the UAE and also contains 95% of the countries oil wealth. Abu Dhabi Startups is the authoritative directory of Abu Dhabi’s fastest growing and most successful startups.